Volume 4
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Volume 4 - Contents


A Mirror for Women? Reflections on the Feminine in Japanese Buddhism by Dharmacari J├▒aanavira

Letters of Gold: Imagery in the Dhammapada by Dharmacari Abhaya

Postmodern Ethics: A Buddhist Response by Panos Skiotis

Suicide as A Response to Suffering by Michael Attwood

The Early Buddhist Saint: A Psychological Portrait by Dharmacari Naagapriya

Kamma in Context: The Mahakammavibhangasutta and the Culakammavibhangasutta by Dh. Manishini / Alice Collett

Was the Buddha Omniscient? by Dharmacari Naagapriya


Giving Rise to the Bodhicitta: Translation from The Treatise on Discourses about Giving Rise to the Bodhicitta: The Bodhicittotpaadasuutra’saastra of Vasubandhu
by Andrew Skilton and Kate Crosby

Book Reviews

Buddhism and Science by Dharmacari Ratnaprabha

Essential Reading: Modern Buddhism in the West by Dharmacari Vishvapani

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